Doug has been working as a personal trainer in the Twin Cities for over 6 years. Currently Doug is based out of The FIT Lab where he specializes in working with clients in the business world that spend hours sitting. He loves to work with clients that have low back pain, tight hips and knee pain that is not from a direct injury. Doug helps teach his clients how to strengthen themselves so they can make everyday life a little easier. Business owners, high school athletes and general population make up the bulk of his clientele.

Educated at the University of Minnesota, Doug earned a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Science in July 2018. From 2011-2012 Doug worked professionally by training athletes (football, volleyball and track) at Dickinson State University where he was also head coach of the Dickinson Special Olympics powerlifting team. In 2013 Doug moved to the Twin Cities where he started his personal training career as a Master Trainer at LA Fitness. In 2014 Doug started Competitive Wellness LLC where he could run a personal training business that aligned with his beliefs. Since then Doug has been part of helping 3 clients lose over 80lbs of body weight while getting stronger, 5 clients lose 50+lbs of body weight and countless others achieve their goals through strength training. While obtaining his Masters Degree, Doug spent time interning with all of the Olympic sports teams at the University of Minnesota.

Doug is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, Reflexive Performance Reset Lv 2 and a Certified Olympic Weightlifting sports performance coach.

Doug is a nationally competitive powerlifter with best meet lifts of a 765 raw squat, 410 raw bench, and 675 raw deadlift. Doug is currently sponsored by Rivalus Nutirition, Iron Sups and Contraband Sports.

For those that cannot make it to his home gym, Doug offers online coaching that includes completely personalized programming for each client.




  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

  • Performance Coach Level 1 (USAW)

  • Current USPA Minnesota State Chair

  • U of M Men's/Women's Olympic Sports Intern: August 2017- December 2017

  • U of M Men's/Women's Hockey Intern: May 2017- August 2017

  • March 2017- Arnold Sports Festival- 765/410/675 1850 raw

  • Competitor in Relentless Minnesota 2016

  • USPA Chicago Fit Expo 2016- 2nd place mens open

  • UPA (drug tested division) Southside Fall Classic 2015- 1st place mens open

  • UPA (drug tested division) Iron Battle on the Mississippi 2015- 2nd place mens open

  • Senior State open 2014- 2nd place mens open

  • Twin Cities open 2014- 1st place mens open

  • Twin Ports raw open 2014- 2nd place mens open