Interested in Personal Training?

Doug specializes in working 1-1 with clients that have goals to improve their strength and quality of life. As a society we spend many hours a day sitting, this causes us to have tight hips and weakened low backs. By adding in strength training we can reverse the negatives of the workday and make day to day tasks much easier. If mowing the lawn, raking leaves or carrying the groceries in sounds like a daunting task, reach out so we can get you ready to take on life! Developing a program suited to each clients need is the first step toward helping them achieve their goals. There is no goal to big or small, we will work diligently to help you not only achieve your lifestyle change, but maintain it and progress even further!

Benefits of 1-1 Coaching?

  • Accountability. Its easy to skip the gym if you have no responsibility to be there, set up a time that fits your schedule and have someone to check in with each week to make sure your goals are being achieved.

  • Safety. Learn to do movements correctly so you can be healthy and get the maximum results out of your time in the gym. You start exercising to feel better not get hurt.

  • Custom Programs. Workouts that come out of magazines or offline will only get you so far. You need a program that fits your needs, not a majorities needs. We will change your program up monthly to keep it fun and interesting along with changing the sets, reps and duration to further push your body.

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